Thursday, September 25, 2008

Biore Enliven Eye Gel: Soothing To The Max

As soon as I began to learn to live with my dark circles (no matter how many products I use, they will truly never go away until I get a good 8 hours of sleep at night which never seems to happen), I stumbled upon another problem; puffiness.
Most mornings, I can't find my eyes. Really, I'm serious. I think my deep-set eyes are small as it is and stress and lack of sleep don't help much. I picked up Biore's 'enliven' cooling eye gel a couple of weeks ago at my magazine's beauty department sale. The miniature green bottle was just so adorable (we all know what a sucker I am for packaging) and at the sale price of $1, it was worth a try. I forgot about it for a while, but I started using it religiously every morning for the past week and I definitely see a difference. I pat on a small amount in my surrounding eye area, gently, and I usually notice a deflated version of my eye about 5-7 minutes later. It 'cools' just like it promises which is refreshing for a grouch like me in the morning.

You only need a little bit of the translucent green gel which also dries pretty quickly. This is a great product to wake up dry, tired eyed. It's also oil-free so it's fine for sensitive skin. The light gel formula is definitely great for on-the-go and stays put under makeup. I usually wait around five minutes before applying my makeup though, just in case!

This hasn't helped much with dark circles yet, but for puffiness, it gets an A+ from me. It's also a great moisturizer for your concealer.


Lydia said...

Cool I shouldcheck this one out!

iamalejandra said...

$1 ?!?!?! WHERE?!?!

iamalejandra said...

A dollar?? Where?!?!?!?!

BeautyTalk said...

It was at a beauty sale that the magazine I used to work for had.

The Lush List said...

Thank you for this post! I've been thinking about trying this product. Sometimes my undereye skin is so tender, and nothing seems to work to soothe it. Also, when I've had an emotional night and look piggy-eyed in the morning, I'd love to have something to "deflate" so that people don't ask me what's wrong!

I'll be picking this one up, thanks again!

Twinks said...

Just picked this up at Walmart. My battle is under eye puffiness. I've tried expensive designer creams, gels, serum - to no avail. Gonna see how this does.