Monday, September 15, 2008

Back To A Basic: MAC Studio Fix

I thought I'd re-start blogging by writing about an old favorite that I've returned to : MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation.

Studio Fix is a very popular MAC product and I used it throughout most of my early college days. But as with most products, my skin (but mostly just my personality) got tired of it. My extremely oily skin had turned into extremely dry skin at the end of my teenage years which also made it hard for me to use it. A recent bout of adult acne has led to a discarding of all my staple products and I thought I'd give Studio Fix another try, especially given the return to Matte makeup. And I fell in love again!

I forgot how easy it was to just apply this two-in-one makeup product swiftly. It also has amazing coverage that smooths over my imperfect skin. Not to mention, it lasts a long time! Talc soaks up all the excess oil on my face and helps give a smooth, matte finish. I will say that as with most MAC products except MSF's, it isn't so great for the skin, but nowadays I just need great coverage. I can't be looking raggedy working at a high-end fashion magazine!

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