Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wearable Spring Eye Colors: Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadows

I've been a fan of Shiseiod Hydro-Powder eye shadows since they first launched. The cream to powder formula is really easy to apply and is great for a simple look. I love shimmer so it's only natural that I would love these eyeshadows. Shiseido's spring collection introduced four more colors; (swatches from left to right) Clover Dew, Lemon Sugar, Rose Tulle and Languid Lagoon. Aren't the names adorable?
Clover Dew: a sweet shimmery green that looks great on all skin tones.
Lemon Sugar: A whitish-yellow that makes a great highlighter.
Rose Tulle: A very subtle pink. It barely shows on my caramel skin, but I'm sure it would be a great wash of color on lighter skin tones. Still, it's my least favorite shade. There are better pink shadows in this line such as softly shining plum and delicately pretty pink.
Languide Lagoon: A soft baby blue. This is a great shade for those that are afraid of blue blue shades. It's just a little too subtle for me!

My sister, the wanna-be model, wearing my two favorite shades. Lemon Sugar (left) and Clover Dew (on right). Doesn't she have the most gorgeous eyes?
Spring makeup should light and fresh and Shiseido's new hydro-powder eye shadow colors are perfect for a quick and sexy look.


Divine Blackness said...

Your sis has beautiful eyes and brows! These look gorgeous! And are absolutely perfect for Spring!

Mrs. Lynne, said...

One of my readers was JUST telling me about Lemon Sugar and I was so intrigued with her description. I'm glad you posted this because now I don't have to tote me and the boys to the mall (a journey just to pack 'em in and take 'em out) just to get a good glimpse. Thanks!

And your sis has big eyes just like you! So pretty. And very spring-like.

BeautyTalk said...

Thanks Divine!

BeautyTalk said...

Mrs. Lynne,

I'm glad this was useful and thanks for the compliment :)

Mukho said...

Hey, Mrs Lynne! What a pleasant surprise bumping into u here :)

Mukho said...

Lemon sugar... reminds me of that sticky stuff they use to set mehendi :)
The colour's real nice. I have a gold obsession - one more shade to feed it with! :)

MrsDiaz said...

Oh I haven't heard of these shadows before. I'll have to check them out.

You should definitely try the Milani eyepencils, for what they cost they are totally pigmented and show up.

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Jennifer said...


I know what henna stuff you're talking about! You should definitely try the Lemon Sugar shade, it's gorgeous

Grayburn said...

I love them as well for being moist and so easy to apply! Gorgeous and shimmery!


BeautyTalk said...


Yeah, they are great everyday shadows.

Gracie said...

Hello sis! Thanks for stopping by my page! Yeah, I like those stuff although I've only got one at the moment as I'm not so keen about cream eye shadows but they really are easy to apply even on top of foundation. Hey! I've linked you now as well ha ha ha!