Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MAC Dazzleglass is online!

I was browsing through MAC's website (because you know I don't have about 15 stories I need to finish) and saw that the Dazzleglass lippies are already available! I thought they were being released on May 1st, but they're good-to-go on the website. I'm jumping on these fast, because Dresscamp came and went before I even got a chance to take a proper look!

Here are some swatches from

I'm most interested in Love Alert, Funtabulous, Get Rich Quick and Ms. Fizz. What are the rest of you going to get?


Askmewhats said...

based on the swatch, I like Love Alert and Money Honey!!!!

yummy411 said...

kewlies! funtabulous looks like.. well.. a lot of fun! LOL

Grayburn said...

these are gorgeous!! wos!
thanks for sharing :)


Mukho said...

Mac is a distant dream at this stage of my life, but if I could, I'd pronto get my itchy fingers on some money, honey! (in every sense of the phrase, lolololz)

Eru, said...

None. :( I don't really use Glittery lipglosses and I' afraid of buying one and let it stay (till the end of time) unused.

Eb the Celeb said...

I got the get rich quick this past weekend and i love love love love love it

BeautyTalk said...


Oooo, I still haven't gotten a chance to swing by the MAC store but I will tomorrow I think. I hope I lvoe them too!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I purchased Get Rich, that tube is packed with sparkles. It is a little sticky but not as bad as some other products.I like it but I am not certain that I will get it again,I prefer the lip glasses.
Product Junkie Diva