Monday, March 17, 2008

A Long-Lost Love

My sister and I were sitting around my beauty stash the other day and talking about makeup days of the past. My makeup never seems to finish, no matter how long I have it but the one product that I used to buy over and over was Biotherm's Light Reflect Icy Reflect for Eyes, Lips and cheeks. I must have bought this product for the first time over five years ago and only recently stopped wearing it. It was one of the first highlighting products I used, not to mention my first foray into wearing blush of any kind! I love Biotherm's water-based formula and I also loved the fact that I could indeed use this product on almost every part of my face (I stayed away from the lips most of the time, though). Unfortunately, it only came out in three colors; I was waiting for it to come out in more but the pearly pink #30 was my absolute favorite and a makeup staple for many years!

I forgot about this product ever since the Biotherm counter at the Macy's near me moved. But, I vow to re-buy this product very soon!

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