Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beauty Horoscope: Pisces

I love Bellasugar's Beauty For Your Sign posts and I was anxiously waiting for this month's because it's my birthday month! She basically nailed it on the head when it comes to my personality. I am extremely romantic and dreamy. But on a bad day, watch out!

Pisces beauty: I absolutely love shimmery products and I usually don't go for neutrals. If I have a neutral eye, you can be sure I'll have a crazy lip look! The only thing that I didn't agree with is that I LOVE red lips and so does my sister, who is also a Pisces (yeah, it sucks to have birthdays back to back). Some of my favorite shades to wear are gold, bronze, pink, lavender and green. I'm not a big fan of blue, orange or browns. Although, being a product junkie, I own something in every shade.

A few of my favorite products:

- Benefit Hollywood Glow
- Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmer Brick Compact
- MAC Indianwood paint pot
- MAC eyeshadow in swish
- MAC slimeshine lipstick in pleasing
- Lorac eyeshadow in Rhapsody

Pisces Beauties:


karen, said...

I love Eva's makeup and hair in that pic. Dang, why won't my waves do that?

nywele said...

I love MAC slimshines. I believe it's their best invention and i am glad they're here to stay. My favorite shade is Urgent and I will definitely look into pleasing :)