Friday, March 21, 2008

Dior Backstage Event

I went to Bloomingdales' Dior Backstage Beauty Event at the beginning of the month, hoping to get a nice view of the new Dior Spring lineup and garner some ideas for my birthday look.

I had a crappy makeup artist who wanted to rush everything, so my experience was less than pleasant. I asked her to help me create a shimmery gold and dark green eye and what she gave me was less than stellar. She kept contradicting everything I asked for so after a while I just stopped and let her do what she wanted.

Products used: 5-Color Eyeshadow in Sunset Cafe, Dior Eyeliner Pencil in Precious Green, Diorshow Mascara

I'm not fond of this look at all, she didn't even do a good job of covering my dark circles!

Wallet Damage:
Dior Eyeliner Pencil in Precious Green: Although I didn't like the artist's work, I loved this eyeliner that she used to smoke out my eyes. This dark green pencil is creamy and pretty easy to blend.

Dior Hydrating Concealer in Medium Beige: A good concealer is very hard to find and although this isn't the best, it's definitely one of the better. I love the creamy consistency and the hydrating formula is perfect for my dry skin. It's only drawbacks is the limited color range and that it takes some time to apply. A little bit does go a long way but you you need time to carefully blend. It's definitely not on-the-go product.

Dior Rouge Lipstick in Bronze Couture: I don't really have a lot of bronzish/brown lipstick or gloss and I actually liked the one that makeup artist applied on me so I decided to get it. Pure impulse buy :)

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Addict in Chiffon Beige

I remember trying a gloss from the line when it launched and I hated it because it was so shiny. I actually liked it this time around and it's my first Dior gloss!

I got this makeup box (that's totally useless because of the small square compartments inside), a cute little pouch and a tiny Diorshow mascara for free.


yummy411 said...

that's one of my ultra fav lipglosses... chiffon beige! i do understand what you mean about doing the events and the makeup artists doing "less than a stellar" job... sorry about that hon.. ooh you should do a post of you 'working' the products and making a hot look!!! can't wait to see =)))

BeautyTalk said...

Great idea yummy! :)

Laura said...
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Laura said...

That's really unfortunate about the makeup artist not giving you what you wanted, especially with such a prestigous brand like Dior. I've had similar experieces (except with hair!) and I've learnt over the years to speak up. It's difficult and can be a bit scary, but think of it this way: If you're getting serviced, whether or not it is volunteer or paid, you should get something remotely similar to what you wanted. That shadow/eyeliner in the pic looked more grey than green...maybe the artist was colour blind!

karen, said...

That lipgloss sounds pretty! I'm putting that one on my to-try Dior list.

Divine Blackness said...

I think you look fab!! And I love your brows. I would love to get hip to Dior one of these days but they are just a bit too pricey for me. I'll get there one of these days!

Piece of Cake said...

Dior addict ultra glosses are always holy grails for me. Great color payoff and not sticky. It's the price that hold me off from buying every single color!