Monday, March 24, 2008

Beauty Splurge: Guerlain's Limited-Edition Pearly Bronzer

I buy a lot of products that I simply do not need or does not fit my budget. For example, I have an abundance of bronzers but Guerlain's Limited-Edition Pearly Bronzing Powder is sucking me in so badly, I'm having a really hard time resisting. The words 'limited-edition' isn't making it any better!

The packaging is tres chic and I love the the three ranges the bronzer comes in;

Orient Sun: For a touch of pink that delivers a radiant, sheer luminosity.
Indian Bronze: A perfect golden shade to create a sensual and sophisticated aura;
Africa Rythm: Captures the beauty of intense coppery tones for a deep bronzed sheen, creating a radiant effect.

I'd Love Orient Sun for a year-round look and Indian Bronze for a perfect sun-kissed summer look.

I'm trying to hold back because MAC is coming out with some great collections (read about it here) and I want to splurge on all the other summer collections, but this Guerlain bronzer is very, very tempting. At $57, I'm going to have to think about long and hard..


nywele said...

you got me interested in the African rythm bronzer until you mentioned the price and i am like WHAT??
i am a product junkie but i know my limits!! :) with the same price, i can 3-4 MAC items.
The bronzer looks so beautiful though.....the price does make us think twice.

Piece of Cake said...

HAHA I know the feeling, girl! Guerlain has such pretty colors but the price is crazy. *sending you guerlain resistant vibe*

Grayburn said...

Hi there, that looks great but I'm also waiting for the upcoming MAC collections as well. Which ones are you looking forward to in particular?