Thursday, March 27, 2008

MAC Paint Pot Series: Simply Pink

Playing around with MAC Paint Pots is my latest beauty pastime. My love with them started with the paint tubes but I find the pots much more convenient. I'll be posting a series of looks I created with a whole slew of the different paint pots I've bought recently.

Ignore the hideous spots on my forehead, I just couldn't work up enough energy to cover them up that day! On the other hand, I never realized what long lashes I have until I started taking photos for this blog.

The star: Girl-Friendly Paint Pot
I was weary of this shade even though I've read some rave reviews on other blogs and websites. It just didn't seem that special to me. Once I tried it on though, I just had to have it. It goes beyond just being a fantastic base shade for most eye combinations. I even like wearing this eyeshadow alone; it's a great upgrade on a nude eye.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Girl-Friendly Paint Pot
MAC eyeshadow in Sunday Best from the 2007 Holiday palette
MAC eyeshadow in Retrospeck from the 2007 Holiday palette
MAC eyeshadow in Star Violet
MAC liquid eyeliner in Boot Black
Maybeline Define-A-Lash Mascara

Benefit 10 highlighter and bronzer

Lancome Pixel Pink

Chanel Tinted Moisturizer


i♥make-up said...

U do have long lashes pretty lady <3

nywele said...
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nywele said...

the make-up is so pretty:)
i should try more the paint pot series. Stila pots are also great:) by the way, how do you apply the paintpots? do you use your fingers?

BeautyTalk said...

Hi Nywele,

I use a stiff brush to apply it. Using your fingers is not a good way to do it because it smears everywhere.

Laura said...

I'm going to have to try the paint pots. Looks pretty!!

Virtuous Blue said...

I am such a BIG fan of paint pots. The consistency and texture are a dream, and it's hands down one of the best bases i've ever used. Even without applying UDPP, my eye color stayed vibrant and durable all day long.


Grayburn said...

I love them paint pots as well. Have you tried similar products from L'oreal? Do you know if they compare?

Thanks for your help!