Monday, February 4, 2008

Organizing my MACs

One of my friends swears by MAC pro palettes and doesn't even buy eyeshadows anymore unless its the palette filler version. I've been wary of organizing my MAC eyeshadow into palettes for several reasons:
  • They can only be found in the MAC stores (not at Macys or
  • I like knowing the names of my colors, which I can't do in a palette
  • I have a habit of dropping things and I don't want to lose all my colors at once
Reasons why I AM considering buying the palettes now:
  • I have no room in my makeup box as it is and this would save me tons of room
  • the filler eyeshadows are cheaper (I think)
  • If i depot my eyeshadows, I can get a whole bunch free because of the Back2MAC deal (any 6 empty MAC containers gets you one free product)
  • I can organize colors together instead of having to hunt then down every time I want to do a new combination
I am seriously considering getting started on the palettes but now my biggest concern is how to depot my eyeshadows since I suck at anything DYI! Any suggestions?


A very easy way to depot AND I can keep the labels on my shadows. I'll post my finished product once I get started :)

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