Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Best Beauty Tool Ever Invented

It's no secret that the Shu Umera EyeLash Curler is the best makeup tool ever invented, but I thought I'd just send a reminder into the world. The first eyelash curler was invented in the 1920's and was called Kurlash. Kurlash was very expensive and hard to use, but it became an instant hit; paving the way for decades of eyelash curlers to come. Beauty has made all sorts of revolutions in the last hundred years, but the Shu Uemera Lash Curler remains one of the biggest beauty landmarks. The infamous curler was recently reinvented as a mini version with a new mushroom-shaped silicon insert that helps the rubbery thing that actually curls the lashes from slipping out (a problem I used to have a lot). There is also a new and improved heated eyelash curler on the market, but I prefer to stick to my original.

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lyndajen said...

I too have loved the Shu Uemura eyelash curler and I improved on it, by getting the Hot Lashes Heated eyelash curler mMke up artist kit that uses a curler identical to the Shu one.
The curler sits in a little base and heats up just my strip in the curler. Curl lasts along time this way.
Best ever combination, a major find.