Friday, January 18, 2008

Splurge-Worthy Hair Treatment

I'm obsessed with my hair because I'm very close to becoming totally bald. I am being treated for polycystic ovary syndrome and one of the symptoms of my disease is losing my illustrious locks. So, I'm always looking into ways to revive my hair growth or just the health of my hair in general. I recently read about the Keratin shot on Harper's
and it seemed like an answer to all my hair woes! According to the article, "the Keratin Shot is a revitalizing treatment found at the Hiro Haraguchi salon in New York.

"The Keratin Shot is based on the premise that though healthy hair is made up of about 90 percent keratin proteins, damaged hair has generally been stripped of many of those proteins, so they should be replaced. “A consultation and assessment are the first step,” explains Haraguchi. “Then a customized hair cocktail is created for your hair.” This keratin formula is boosted with collagen, silk peptides, ceramides, and shine-boosting ingredients. It is applied to wet hair, and then the client is put under a thermal heater, which increases the penetration of the product. Afterward, hair is rinsed and can be styled as usual."

At $150 a treatment, it is definitely costly but worth it if you are hair is thinning or damaged. The treatment is recommended as a monthly shot but if your hair is severely damaged, then you might have to go once a week until it gets healthy.

On my Editorial Assistant salary, this is definitely a stretch, but some things in life are worth going for. Besides, what are birthdays for?

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