Friday, January 4, 2008

Grooming Those Brows

At 17, I thought I was being smart by going to the local salon my friend recommended to shape my eyebrows for the first time. I sat down in the beautician’s chair and wafts of virgin hair were waxed and torn off my face, all for an excruciating amount of pain. When I looked in the mirror, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be happy with the results; I saw thin arches where my eyebrows previously were and my face looked a little..well, bare.

I arrived home feeling pleased with myself but my mother started screeching the minute she saw me. Apparently, my eyebrows were practically nonexistent and way too thin for my chubby, round-shaped face. My mother marched me over to her favorite Indian beauty salon the day my eyebrows fully grew back and I discovered the benefits of ‘threading’ for the first time. My eyebrows are now, indeed, perfect – finely arched to the right degree of thickness to fit the frame of my face.

With everything else in the beauty world, eyebrow shapes are individual. The shape of your eyebrows should match the shape of your face. Eyebrow trends definitely come and go, but for the most part, there is a general protocol to what shape your eyebrows should be.

Oval- shaped face
= You’re a lucky kitty. Oval faces can carry off almost any shape so you have the luxury of choosing what you want your brows to look like!

Round-shaped face = Choose a highly arched eyebrow shape to draw attention away from the width of your face.

Square- shaped face = Make sure that the arch of your brow is directly above the square of the jaw to balance out your jawline.

Long- shaped face =You need eyebrows that will draw attention away from the length of your face and add a bit of width to it instead.

Heart- shaped face= Soften your face by adding some curves throughout your eyebrows. You need some roundness in your eyebrows.

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