Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Advice needed from the beauty world

I feel ashamed even asking this, but I've been battling this problem for years and I need a solution.

I'm huge on eyeliner as most Indian girls are. Indian beauty rituals emphasize kohl-rimmed eyes so on a night out, I will layer my eyes with liquid liner, pencil eyeliner, black eyeshadow and black mascara. But on the days that I just want to quickly outline my eyes in black pencil (liquid proves to be too messy), I run into a problem. My eyeliner runs literally in minutes after I apply it. I have tried gel/cream eyeliner and although they don't run, it doesn't product the same effect as a pencil or liquid liner. Another problem I have is because I have long lashes, I always get black smudges underneath my eyes, immediately after I apply! I've tried layering on concealer after and before, but to no effect. Any tips?


risa said...

have you tried Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On pencil in Zero? it's quite long-lasting.

Grayburn said...

Oh you have got to try the i.d. weather everything sealer. I've posted about it on my favorite things 2007 list. Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

Use Urban Decay eyeshadow primer really works!

Miss Anthrope said...

I'm Indian too, and yeah, Risa's right, Urban Decay 24/7 pencils are awesome... but I would add concealer under your eyes as well just for good measure.

Great blog, btw! :)