Monday, December 17, 2007

New Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara

Today, I walked into the pharmacy across the street to peruse the aisles for fun, and lo and behold I see my favorite mascara in a cranberry-colored tube instead of the lime green tube I've grown so attached to over the last couple of months. Maybeline Define-A-Lash now comes in a volumizing formula!

I've tried almost every mascara on the market, from Dior Show to MAC Zoom Lash. But, no matter what, I always came back to Maybeline Great Lash. For almost ten years, I used this miracle baby and nothing ever came close to replace it. The only mascara that outdid my beloved Maybeline Great Lash was the new Maybeline Define-A-Lash. It's zero clump, easy-to-take-off, smudge-free formula worked wonders for me. I recently started applying the old trick of layering a volumizing mascara over a lengthening one, so my discovery today definitely made me happy! My only worry is that this might be a limited product since it's not even featured on Maybeline's website. I hope not!


Miss Anthrope said...

So is this more lengthening or more volumizing? I need a good lengthening one, and though I love my DiorShow Blackout, it clumps a bit, and I don't need that much volume... any suggestions?

Kelley said...

Keep up the good work.