Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bronze Your Way Out of a Ghastly Winter Complexion

I just came back from lunch with a friend and walking the two blocks to meet him at the restaurant was deadly. My face felt like shriveled up ice and a brief glance in the bathroom mirror confirmed that my normally caramel skin tone was pale beyond recognition. The dusting of pink blush from this morning was long gone--I needed a quick fix. 

I went into Sephora to play around with my regular bronzing favorites but found them too orangey for the cold winter. I wasn't trying to look like I had just gotten out of a tanning salon (ew, who even goes to those anymore?); what I needed was a nice golden flow. Lo and behold, the discovery of Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact led to the perfect solution. The perfect bronzer/blush duo to perk up dead, winter skin. A combination of pink and golden highlights that gave my complexion a nice sunny lift.

Follow these basic bronzing tips for the winter:
  • Pick a bronzer that's just one shade darker than your skin tone. You want to highlight and outline your complexion, not change your skin tone altogether.
  • Apply bronzer on the places the sun hits your face first; cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. 
  • A light dusting should do the trick--do no go overload!
  • Pick something with pink undercurrents to look natural. 


Mukho said...

hey Beauty Talk!
I'm back, but whats this? U've gone MIA again :P :)
Come back soon, there's so much to talk about..

Mukho said...

Beauty Talk,
I saw your lovely series of articles on wedding plans :) but I couldnt find a way to leave comments there :(
Congratulations, we can all understand that you now have "priorities" ;) heehee, but do come back as soon as u can :)