Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pigment Love!

It has to be said: I'm scared of pigments. I've bought and returned more MAC pigments than I can remember and have even given away some. I just never keep them because I'm afraid of using them. I know, I know....I'm not exactly a makeup novice, but I'm not a pro either. But, my fellow makeup-lover friend got me two pigments for my birthday and since I've been thinking of finally getting over my fear of them, this was perfect timing.

Gosh, what a fool I've been!!!!!

A whole new obsession has now started. How exactly to apply pigments, which ones are the best, etc.

I was getting ready to go out for my ex-boyfriends birthday (I know, I know....bad idea but we are friends without benefits) and I wanted to look a little.....different. I even got a reaction out of my very nonchalant ex-boyfriend with my wow eyes and lips!

I've always been afraid of pigments falling off my eyelids and it really is easier than I think! After applying lots of UDPP, i just layered the golden olive pigment over sumptuous olive shadow with a pointed eyeshadow brush and it worked fine. I'm sure it will get more difficult when blending pigment colors together and all that, but that's what my research is for . In the meantime, feel free to leave tips in your comments!

MAC Select SPF 15 in NC 43 (seriously, so the wrong color but eh I make it work for now)
MAC Select Moisturecover in NC35 & NW 35 (again, need some new concealer!)
Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
MAC Mineralized SkinFinish in Medium Dark (also bored of this, I need a good translucent powder for the summer)

MAC Sumptuous olive e/s (entire lid)
MAC A Little Folie e/s (in crease)
MAC Golden Olive Pigment
MAC Goldmine (on inner corners)
MAC Liquid Liner in Bootblack (my holy grail)
Dior Show Mascara

Nars Crazed (Is pairing red lips and red cheeks bad? It didn't look bad did it? I didn't layer the blush at all)

Chanel Glossimer in Hibiscus (my favorite red lippie of all time!)


nywele said...

I am also scared of pigments! My first and last one was an all over shimmer eyes from stila...

Askmewhats said...

you look awesome!!! and wow, you met with your ex with that look??? are you guys still exes? hehehe (joking aside) you look wonderful!!!!

yummy411 said...

beauty talk, you must try them wet. i was in disbelief that i waited sooooo long to try it.. so yes, you must try it. i used to return things all day and all night, but now, i've slowed down. i know friends that return things all the time only because they don't know how to use it! gah!!

get a nice firm, concelear type brush (a bit bigger), place some pigment in the top or another flat surface, wet your brush a litte, or use some mixing medium (glycerin and water is fine) and pick up the pigment, go across your lid.... ahhhh! the beautifulness! try it on the back of your hand first and see what happens! let me know!!

Anonymous said...

I'm scared of pigments, too! And those jars are HUGE, prolly would last till the day I died, if longer. Maybe I should get a sample and see how it works at first.. Nevertheless, the shade you're wearing is cute and I like how it matches with your earrings!

Mukho said...

hey your eyes and lips(AND cheeks) look great! come on, lets enjoy this aspect of Indian skin - can carry off the boldest of colors :) oh so smoothly..

BeautyTalk said...


If I could get over my fear, so could you!

BeautyTalk said...


Haha yeah we are still exes (I'm engaged to someone else) but thank you!

BeautyTalk said...


I will definitely try them wet. Thanks!

BeautyTalk said...


I've been thinking about getting some samples myself because the jars ARE huge!

BeautyTalk said...


I know right? I love being bong!

Askmewhats said...

awww congratulations!! :)

Sumaiya said...

you look AMAZING. i love the eye. i have a pigment obsession myself..... i need to make them into pressed powder because sometimes it just gets all over my face lol maybe i just dont apply it well :(

Divine Blackness said...

Girlfriend, you are gorgeous!!! Imma need you to wear more pigments because you are wearing them well. And Yums is right....a good firm brush makes all the difference in the actual application. Love ya!

BeautyTalk said...


Thank you :)

WendyB said...