Monday, March 10, 2008

Sexify your eyes

I am a liquid-eyeliner whore. I've been using liquid eyeliner since the beginning of my makeup days in high school and have pretty much mastered the art of the cat-eye by now. But, the main reason I stick to liquid is because pencil ALWAYS smudges on me, no matter what. While MAC's Bootblack is my basic black eyeliner, I was pleased to stumble upon Urban Decay's Liquid Liner. The metallic glint is fantastic. I only use Radium (a bright electric blue), but I also love some of the other colors such as Smog, Metallic and Gash).

I'm not so crazy about the brush, though. I'm used to a felt-tip pen-type applicator but I've made it work. On the days that I simply cannot stand to painstakingly apply with the UD applicator, I use a MAC eyeliner brush and this seems to work fine. Another drawback is the cute yet uneconomical packaging. This seems to be one of those products (such as the Primer Potion) that will entrap a lot of the product because of the poor packaging.

Nonetheless, I love the genie-in-a-lamp concept!

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