Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Revolutionary 'N' Collection from MAC

Who doesn't love the chic and sexy nude look? You had to have near-perfect skin and immaculate skills to achieve the look in the past. But, MAC has done the unthinkable with it's new N Collection. The N collection features a perfect nude palette for every skin tone and its skinfinish mineralized powders helps to create a soft look. I've actually been using the skinfinish/natural powder in medium dark for a couple of months now, long before the N collection launched as a whole because they started selling the powders separately at first. It is possibly the best powder I have ever used and the most soothing to my skin. The skinfinish mineralized powder in 'warmed' is also another great beauty buy because it gives my caramel-toned skin the most luminous glow!

Out of the N Collection color line, the nail polishes are my absolute fave! Create a high-lacquer perfect look on your nails with 'N Colour', 'Naturally Rich' or 'Demi-Blanc'.

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