Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Primer: The best beauty investment you can make

I don't know what I did to keep my face smooth and my makeup intact before I discovered a miracle product named primer. What does it do exactly, you ask?
  • They actually work much like a moisturizer under your foundation does: they ease the application of foundation and are meant to create a barrier between foundation and skin. (
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Helps makeup stay on longer
  • Keeps makeup from melting in the heat
  • Makes skin soft
  • Fills in any wrinkles, minor cracks or holes in the face
The fact that primer keeps the chemicals in makeup from directly touching my skin is the biggest bonus, to me. If applying primer isn't part of your daily makeup routine, I suggest starting ASAP!

My Top Primer Picks:

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer: To be touted both as a 2007 'Best of Sephora' Winner and Allure magazine's 'Editor's Choice' is no easy feat. Smashbox created a formula that leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth; boasting of SPF 15, vitamins A &E, grape seed extract and green tea.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: Do you have dry skin? Then, this product is the right choice for you. It conditions, moisturizes and helps to achieve that perfect dewy look we all covet.

Lorac aquaprime oil-free Makeup Primer: I just recently sampled this and loved it! My skin isn't oily so it isn't necessarily the product for me, but it's a great water-based product for those of you battling acne or oily skin in general.

Benefit That Gal: Looking to brighten up your complexion just a tad? This amazing product works wonders for a blotchy complexion and it contains soothing ingredients such as raspberry and chamomile. Bonus: extra cute packaging!

Tarte Clean Slate: I love this primer because of moisturizing ingredients such as avocado and hibiscus oils. Besides, owning anything from the quirky Tarte brand is always exciting!

MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect
: This is what I call my 'winter primer'. Since my skin is extra dry, the creamy formula helps to moisturize my face. It's high SPF value of 50 keeps me protected from the sun since applying sunscreen in the winter goes against my natural instinct.

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