Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hi vs. Low: Stick Concealer

I've been posting about concealer quite a lot lately; probably because lack of sleep and proper nutrition has made my dark circles ridiculously hideous! Luckily, I've stumbled upon many new concealers recently to help me out. I happen to think that basics such as concealer and foundation are things that women should really invest in. However, as well all know, money is a necessity for the majority of us, not a luxury. I happen to like stick concealers because they require a little less blending than cream or liquid concealers and are great for on-the-go or rushed mornings. Here's a roundup of two amazing stick concealers from opposite ends of the price spectrum.

Hi: Clé de Peau Beauté Correcteur Visage

A celebrity favorite, this high-end concealer works wonders for dark circles, puffy eyes and basically any other imperfection on your face. This corrector uses light to so your skin never appears red or dull. The creamy formula instantly gives you a luminous glow. The only drawback is that it's shade range is limited as it comes in three colors: Ivory, Beige and Ochre.
Price: $68

Low: Loreal Ideal Balance Stick Concealer

Loreal is my favorite drugstore beauty brand, hands down and they really hit a home run with this stick concealer that's made for combination skin (which the majority of women have). Balanced coverage is hard to get but this product can help you achieve it. It comes in six shades, which means it's easier to find a true match.
Price: $6-9 (depending on drugstore)

Photo Credit: (top) Shiseido Cosmetics, (bottom)

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