Saturday, January 5, 2008

A few of my favorite things......

MAC is iconic for its eyeshadows and with the Originals line out now, MAC is more in the spotlight than ever. The one thing I always struggle with at a MAC counter, is picking from the unlimited array of amazing eyeshadow colors! There are just too many I want. So, here are a few of my favorites.
Caution: beware, the list is long but that's because there were too many beauties to choose from! My personal favorites are in italics!


Swish: Soft bright pink with icy metallic shimmer
Hepcat: Jazzy little deep blue-wine
Electra: Muted silver with icy metallic shimmer
Charred: Deep steel grey with silver pearl
Deep Truth: Very real truthful dark blue
Tilt: Bright violet duochrome with blue-green opalescent shimmer
Parrot: A soaringly electric turquoise
Steamy: Bright bluish-green with golden shimmer
Humid: Shade description: Intense vivid green with shimmer
Goldmine: Shade description: Intense gold with shimmer
Amber Lights: Golden peachy-brown with golden shimmer
Ochre Style: Shade description: Mid-tone yellow brown with gold
Phloof: Frosted off-white
Paradisco: Soft bright pinky-coral with golden shimmer

Idol Eyes: Silvered violet threaded with gold
Honey Lust: Bronze-dipped peach

Memorabilia: Dirty purple
Plumage: Dusky peacock
Chrome Yellow : Vivid bright yellow
A Little Folie: Mid-tone red brown
Carbon: Intense black

Post Haste: Bright berry pink
Clarity: Rich aqua
Newly Minted: Rich sea green

Folie: Reddish-plum brown
Sushi Flower: Soft bright pinky-coral with pink opalescent shimmer
Eyepopping: Soft lime green with gold and yellow pearl
Daisychain: Soft yellow beige with soft white pearl
Soba: Golden brown flecked with golden shimmer

Veluxe Pearl
Star Violet: Earth-touched pinky-brown plum fusion
Antiqued: Ash brown with bronze cast
Coppering: Hi-reflective orange copper

Trax: Burgundy-plum flecked with bronze shimmer
Beauty Marked: A deep blackened red with a sparkle/twilight effect

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