Sunday, January 13, 2008

Convenient Beauty Tools

Every beauty pro out there will tell you that using proper brushes is the cardinal rule in makeup application. To achieve a flawless complexion, you have to have the right tools. Personally, I apply my makeup with both my brushes and my fingers, but I definitely count on brushes to finish off my look. But, picking the right ones can be pretty hard. That's why it's so great when companies such as MAC and Bobbi Brown put their best brushes in one mini-set for convenience and aesthetics purposes. Not to mention, the prices and mini-sizes are much more pleasing from a consumer's point of view!

P.S. Although I'm a big MAC fan, I absolutely heart Bobbi Brown brushes so needless to say the BB brush set is my favorite!

Bobbi Brown Pink Rasberry Mini Brush Set ($55)
This set features four of Bobbi's most popular mini brushes: Blush, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner and Lip (with protective cap) -- in a soft zip-around case with pink raspberry interior. (

MAC Heirloom ($45)
Includes five Basic Brushes for lips, face and eyes

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